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     It was a first-class very thorough clean from Carpet Cleaning Bexley and their cleaners. Would certainly recommend their services.
Debbie L19/05/2020
     As a gift to my fiance, I hired this cleaning service. They got our flat spotless. She was quite surprised and the place looks great. They were also quite a few quid less than the others I had received a quote.
Eric Henry19/09/2019
     As a gift to my fiance, I hired this cleaning service. They got our flat spotless. She was quite surprised and the place looks great. They were also quite a few quid less than the others I had received a quote.
Eric Henry19/09/2019
     The cleaners completed a very skilled and thorough job. I'd certainly recommend Bexley Carpet Cleaning Services for all types of cleaning.
S. Paine09/10/2018
     Used BexleyCarpetCleaners for home cleaning last week and I am thinking of hiring them on a regular basis. Reliable and cost-effective!
     I had a meeting planned with a very important potential client and I wanted to make sure that I made the best impression possible, which also meant making sure that the office looked spick and span. The office cleaning team from Bexley Carpet Cleaning Services did a fantastic job. In fact, I was impressed with the standard of the work done, that the one-off job has now become a regular thing.
Zack Dylan10/02/2016
     I have no bad words to say about Carpet Cleaning Company Bexley! I can only say good things about it, their cleaners are properly skilled and deliver outstanding service at all times. They reach all those hard to reach places and they take a very short time to clean your place. I would recommend them to anyone who would listen.
     In regards to the service performed by BexleyCarpetCleaners, I would rate them highly. They were helpful when I called, ensuring I got all the necessary information. Their services were varied and flexible so I was able to get what I needed for my firm. Their prices were also excellent. I was impressed with their cleaners, who were cooperative and they saw to everything from vacuuming to litter removal. I would easily rate them five out of five.
Sandra P.18/12/2014
     Having the carpets cleaned once every few months is a big deal for me, as it completely changes the vibe of the place. You never really know what you are going to get in terms of a cleaning company until you have tried them out, but I have always found that BexleyCarpetCleaners are excellent to work with. It is nice to be able to work with a company consistently, and to find them to be as pleasant and diligent every single time. On top of all that, they are very well priced, and that makes the whole thing affordable for me!
Frank Taylor31/07/2014
     I have always hated cleaning up my home so I decided that I should just get someone else to do it. I looked around at various cleaning firms and then gave BexleyCarpetCleaners a call. They were able to provide me with useful advice and information and they convinced me to hire their services. I started on a trial basis of once every few weeks but now one of their cleaners come so my address each week. My home is always left looking good and I don't have to lift a finger. I now get all the benefits of a clean abode without any of the work.
Richard Evans20/06/2014
     My children love playing football, but they hate taking their trainers off outside! As a result, the hallway carpet was dull, dark and stained with wood and grass stains. I heard how great BexleyCarpetCleaners was and decided to try them out for myself. They really are as great as everyone says they are. They got all the stains out of the carpet and even got the “clean” parts back to the way they originally were when the carpet was purchased. The shampoo smelled great and the aroma lasted weeks, which was nice as well - I cannot stop my kids from staining the carpet, but I can surely get it cleaned!
Janine D.28/03/2014
     You won't get a better clean than with BexleyCarpetCleaners, no doubt about it! I've been using them for years, and they really do make things so much easier! If you are at all concerned with how things might play out, then I suggest giving them a call right away, they really do make you feel at ease right from the off, and essentially isn't that all that you're after? Highly recommended, service with a smile!
Dean West05/03/2014
     I've never seen my house as clean as it is after my cleaner from BexleyCarpetCleaners has finished with it! There's nothing that can compare to professional house cleaning from this company - believe me, I've tried other companies before! This service is really professional super-speedy and the cleaners really know their stuff! I've used cleaning companies before who've managed to lift dirt but have left nasty streak mark everywhere, and I'm pleased to say that this has never happened with this service! If you're looking for great cleaning services and you've not been able to find them then don't give up! This is a truly fantastic cleaning company!
Leah S.21/01/2014
     I always wondered how my sister managed to juggle looking after her family, her job and cleaning up her house. I had no idea that her spotless and clean home was all down to BexleyCarpetCleaners! Naturally I gave them a call, and now I have the clean house that I've always wanted, and I have a lot more spare time on my hands. I couldn't be happier with this polite and affordable service which always leaves my home looking fantastic. Now I'll never have to do any cleaning around my home again! I thoroughly recommend this company for all your house cleaning needs!
Joe L.17/12/2013

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